Day 94: A Walk in the Park

Day 94: A Walk in the Park
Day 94: A Walk in the Park

So this is irony. I got hung up on this painting – A Walk in the Park.


First, while I was painting it. The second time, here on my blog. I’m sorry I’ve been silent for a few days. Between some last minute travel and celebrating my daughter’s second birthday getting here fell through the cracks.  Personally, I blame the painting!

It probably shows, and I’m ok with that. If I have learned anything from this project, it is that there is a good portion of my work that I won’t love. Some that I will do battle with. Some battles that I will loose, and some will be a draw. A few I may even win. But I learn something from each of them.

This painting was inspired by a photo I snapped by my house. There was something about the light, about the way the girls were standing. I didn’t get it here.


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