Day 61: Play Series: Psyche

Day 61 PsycheWhat to do when there is more work to do than light to do it in? I am sure I am not the only one who faces the dilemma of time and deadlines in his or her work. As I thought about what the theme for this series would be I kicked around several serious ideas. Bigger themes, learning opportunities – things I SHOULD do.

But my creative side will only successfully accept a harness and bridle for so long – if I try to put the blinders on it and make it focus more intently I quickly find out exactly what dirt tastes like.

I needed an outlet.

A place, a project that had less pressure, more flexibility. More something – breathing space?

And PLAY as a theme for a series was born. Ta daaaa!

Welcome to the series where the stricter rules don’t apply. The only thing that ties this group together is the idea of play – either I am playing with paint, there is a playful mood, or someone in the painting is playing.

Pretty loose as far as guidelines go – and again I am prepared for less than successful attempts – after all this isn’t dress rehersal. This is PLAY. I hope you enjoy!

Psyche – an appropriate start – began with a failed street painting. Which became a wonderful background that I partially covered up with burnt umber paint.  Then the butterfly came in, because I photographed it weeks ago while out playing with my little girls in the butterfly gardens. That day was a day full of wandering and taking any and almost all detours that were presented to us.

When I finished the painting, it sat untitled for a long time. Nothing jumped out at me, and something usually does – so I waited.  Later I was researching butterflies and I happened to notice that Psyche is the Ancient Greek word for Butterfly. It also has connection to the idea of soul – and I thought “How perfect!” More meaning than you can shake a stick at – and you can take it in any direction you want to go. What is play if not following an imaginative path, and creatively interpreting your world?


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