Day 56: Skyline Series – Cancun

Cancun – but from the air. Since I’m pushing myself with these buildings, and strange structures, why not push farther and paint an aerial view?

I love this painting. Maybe it is because I’ve been looking at other art that abstracts photos taken from planes.  But I think  it is also because these tropical colours start the salsa style music playing in my head.

Isn’t the best part of a flight the part where you look down and see your destination? No one is ever grumpy on a flight that is taking them away to vacation. It’s a plus when you look down to see a trail of colourful, jeweled lights awaiting you. Which resort is yours? Can you see it from the plane? And you look down and you know all the hours, all the days where you can escape your office and forget about laundry and enjoy doing whatever it is you want to do…

That’s what I think of when I see this painting.

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