Day 34: Oh Honey….

Oh Honey...
The inspiration for today’s painting is highly sophisticated.

A classic song, perhaps a touchstone for a certain generation, it begins “Oh my gosh, Becky…”

I was going to title it that, but as I painted today “Oh Honey…” seemed to fit better. Who knows the title may give the painting more audience appeal!

The week of playing with “dolls” continues, and even though I often feel uninspired at best when I start, something about the habit, the way a brush feels in my hand, the way colours run sparks the creative coals into embers.  There is nothing quite like facing down the desire to procrastinate, take a nap, watch t.v. mindlessly and disciplining one’s self to just do the work. I don’t know if it gets to be any more fun, but I think priming the pump goes a little smoother each day.

I’ll see you tomorrow!


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