Day 20 : Explorer

Day 20 Explorer

I love little boys – adventurers, fearless explorers, mud crawlers, and backyard comedians. Where are you coming from and what has caught your eye, I wonder?

Today’s painting is the last in the series of children – and perhaps the most focused on the face – after all, what else is there in this photo?

I have found my best drawings and paintings are ones that have clear shadows that make some sort of sense. Shadows give me an idea of the shapes beneath them and somehow drawing shadows seems a little easier. Some would say that is because my brain isn’t getting in the way and drawing what IT THINK IS THERE instead of what really is. A shadow shape is abstract. A face is not. My brain sees it and says “oh, a face! I know what that is. I know all about drawing those.”

Today most of the face was in the shadow cast by the hat so I had to make up the face a little bit. What do you think – how did I do?



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