Construct Tutorial: When It All Comes Together

When it all comes together. I’ve been editing these pieces for a little while. I find that my work goes through a “staring stage” where it is on my easel (actually or metaphorically in this case) and I just stare at it and ask what it needs.  What happens if I add this or take away that?  It usually takes a few days until I’ve settled all my questions in a way I can live with.

mixed media art, assemblage and painting, Laura Tetrault Artist
Days 80-90 Construct I
mixed media painting, blue art, Laura Tetrault
Construct 2

With Construct I, I added a few more watch pieces. I ended up taking apart the whole face of the watch. You can see the part with all the knobs and dials in the upper right.

I also used the face and glass of another small watch. You can see the small circles right around the bottom part of the rope knot.





With Construct II, the editing happened more by realizing that this large piece needed to stand alone.

In this project I made a number of small pieces that I didn’t end up using. It isn’t because I didn’t like the way they turned out, but because some pieces stood out on their own.

I did add the black watch gear at the bottom right of the painting and a could of little brass-y pieces near the bottom of the butterfly’s wing.


Did you follow all the way through this tutorial, making your own art? If you did I’d love to see it. You can post links in the comments below 🙂  What did you think of this whole thing? Did it bore you to tears, or would you like to see more every now and then?


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