Construct Tutorial: Part Seven

Deciding when it’s finished…

I think we are almost there.

Construct Mixed Media Art
Added: hinges, lace texture

When I took this picture, the gloss medium hadn’t dried yet. When it is dry, it is clear. Gloss medium is a great toy. Not only does it extend the life of your paints, and create interesting texture, it also is a wonderful glue.  These little metal hinges connect all these pages for me nice and neatly.

Do you like the little watch hands in the bottom left corner?

At this stage in the game, I find it is about editing. All along this project I have been collecting things that I think are interesting. Some I felt sure I would use haven’t made it on here.

For today’s project work, edit yourself. Play around with placing things on your art work, moving and removing them until you get something that makes sense to you. (I find myself drawn to mechanical parts, old metal objects, bolts, keys, washers, small locks, jewelery I can take apart with minimal guilty feelings, but for you it might be coins, or paper clips, copper wire, pebbles and sticks) Use the things you are drawn to without prejudice.




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