Day 63: Play Series: Imaginarium

Day 63: Imaginarium

Imaginarium is a wonderful room – a little “Alice”, a little  “Willy Wonka” minus the creepy blueberry girl  (even though seeing little Miss Violet Bearegarde transform always fascinated me…) and a little Dali – minus the nightmare-ish images.

What would you do if a place like this existed? Where would you go, or would you sit in a window sill and stay?

Here is a place of opportunity, which window do you choose? Where will it lead? Looking at this room it is hard to imagine any window leading anywhere sinister.

I really had fun painting this- and I think it is a real departure from what I usually do. I honestly didn’t know I had this in me, but in the spirit of this series I played with the paint, with the bright colours and the ideas formed as the brush strokes added up.

 Imaginarium is available in my etsy shop – just incase your space needs a few more creative options!


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